Depending on where your location is, we will contact you with the applicable route days. Multiple days per week are available depending on location and order size.
Generally the products listed are always available. There are occasional temporary out of stock items which we will advise you of at time of order. Some products have case minimum order quantities.
When you sign up on line, there is a secure credit card area to enter payment details. Every receipt will be sent to you automatically within 24hours of delivery. If empty glass bottles have been returned for deposit, we will deduct the refund from your delivery prior to the charge. We also accept auto deposit and company cheques.
We currently only deliver to grocery stores.
Yes, prices include delivery. Glass bottle deposits will be charged as a separate line item and are subject to full refund.
Yes, we pick up all empty glass bottles that are subject to full refund on our following delivery. Please be sure that the bottles are rinsed and organized.


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